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7.1 CH USB Sound Card
7.1 CH USB Sound Card
Product Details:

7.1 CH USB Sound Card  (AD701)

Product Description

* USB Spec 2.0 full speed compliant
* USB Audio Device class Spec.1.0 and USB HID Class spec. 1.1 complaint
* SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) Complaint
* Dolby @ Digital Audio streaming VIA S/PIF out
* USB remote wake-up support
* 8 Channel DAC output with 16 bit resolution
* Volume control and mute function Earphone buffer 2X interpolator for digital
play back data to improve quality
* 2 Channel ADC input with 16 bit resolution
* Alternate digital filter programmed by vendor driver to improve quality
* Additional headphone out with selectable source and phone jack sense
* Stereo MIC support with boost capability
* Recording source select from S/PDIF, MIC, Line-In and summation of MIC, line-
in front channel (all channels optional)
* MIC, Line-in monitor from front channel (all channels optional) with volume
control and mute function
* Master volume control by default; per-channel volume control by C-Media driver
* Playback with soft-mute function
* Support 48/44.1 KHZ sampling rate for both playback and recording
* MCU support with two-wire serial interface
* Volume up / Volume down / Playback mute HID button
* LED indicator pins: operation / recording mute / SCMS protection

·C-Media value added software( multi-channel positional 3D sound, AC-3 encoder, ect.)

·Embedded USB transceiver and power and reset circuit 

·C-Media value added patent software driver

   Xear 3D Sound

   Earphone Plug

   Speaker Shifter

   Environment Sound Effects

   Room Size Mode

   Graphic Equalizer

·Karaoke Function

·Support VISTA

Physical Specification:

Dimensions: 12.8*6.3*2.5 cm

Weight: 0.10 kg

Packing: Color box

Packaging Size:

Dimensions: 19.6*14.1*4.6 cm

Weight: 0.24 kg