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61 Key Roll Up Piano
61 Key Roll Up Piano
Product Details:

Thank you for purchasing the "SOFT KEYBOARD PIANO".The"SOFT
KEYBOARD PIANO" is easy to carry and has been made under very high
standards with afocus on meticulous design and production quality control.
Before using this product, please read the instruction sheet carefully.


  • USB Port and MIDI Jack Dual Interface Design
  • 61 key (Standard Piano Key 5 Octave + 1 key)
  • Tone:128
  • Rhythm:100
  • Demonstration Songs: 40
  • Rated Voltage:DC 6V(Battery AA 1.5V × 4pcs)
  • Output: 500mW
  • Size: main body:9.6(L) ×22.8(W) × 3.3(D)cm
           Keyboard:88(L) × 17.4(W) ×0.5(D)cm

I. The "SOFT KEYBOARD PIANO" is small and can be hand carried. It can also
be rolled up for easy storage in your hand bag or carrying case.
II. You can select the "SOFT KEYBOARD PIANO" for more advanced students of
the piano.
III. The "SOFT KEYBOARD PIANO" has many functions which you can select on
the control box:

  • 128 Tone Functions (See Tone List Attachment)
  • 100 Rhythm Options
  • Add 001 - 100 Control Keyboard)
  • 40 Demo Songs (See Demo Song List Attachment)
  •  Music Recording: Max 336 Notes

IV. The "SOFT KEYBOARD PIANO" uses 4 PCS 2AA 1.5v batteries which can last
for up to 12-15 hours of playing time. You can also plug the piano into proper
electrical outlet with an adaptor.